IRS Falls for Left-Wing Charlatans: Tax-Exempt Status Awarded to Deceptive CCDH

T. Schneider /
T. Schneider /

Welcome to the circus of deceit, where left-wing snake oil salesmen like the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) have not only convinced the gullible masses but managed to pull a fast one on the IRS itself. Yes, you heard it right, folks – the IRS, the beacon of bureaucratic brilliance, fell for the CCDH’s tax-exempt hocus-pocus. Someone get these guys a medal for hoodwinking the guardians of our tax dollars!

According to the investigative prowess of Paul Holden, shining light for Racket News (because apparently, reliable news outlets were booked that day), CCDH duped the IRS by claiming to be a charity in the United Kingdom. Surprise, surprise – they were as registered as a unicorn at the U.K. Charity Commission. Who needs facts when you can sell the narrative, right?

This tax-exempt status is like a golden ticket for CCDH, providing them with the financial equivalent of a magic carpet ride. Donors get to pat themselves on the back, thinking they’re supporting a noble cause, all while the CCDH is out there playing puppet master in the left’s puppet show of dystopian censorship. Bravo, CCDH, bravo.

These self-proclaimed champions of truth shot to stardom during the pandemic, not by curing any disease, mind you, but by suppressing dissenting voices. If you’ve ever wondered who dared to de-platform Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., look no further – it’s the CCDH, your friendly neighborhood misinformation overlords.

With his Sherlock Holmes hat firmly in place, Holden exposes CCDH’s groundbreaking role as pioneers in pretending to be neutral while bulldozing anything that smells remotely like ‘hate’ speech. And by ‘hate’ speech, of course, they mean anything that doesn’t align with the bedtime stories mainstream politicians tuck themselves in with.

But the CCDH’s mischief doesn’t stop there. No, in July, Elon Musk’s X Corporation was on the wrong end of CCDH’s lawsuit stick. Why? Because Musk dared to accuse them of scaring off advertisers with their fairy tales of rampant “hate” speech. It’s like a twisted bedtime story where the big bad wolf sues the three little pigs for defamation.

And what about the CCDH’s pals in the disinformation playground? They’re all there, collaborating like the mean kids in the sandbox who steal your lunch money. The Global Disinformation Index (GDI), VineSight, Ad Fontes, and NewsGuard are veritable Avengers teams of misinformation fueled by government subsidies. Because who needs an unbiased marketplace of ideas when you can have a monopoly on information, right?

But wait, it gets better – or worse, depending on your tolerance for absurdity. Enter Automated Controversy Detection, Inc. (AuCoDe), a group that managed to rake in over $1.2 million in taxpayer funds. What’s their mission, you ask? Deploying artificial intelligence in the left’s Orwellian censorship crusade. Yes, your tax dollars are hard at work, ensuring algorithms efficiently stamp out your dissenting opinions.

Then, we have the hearings by House Republicans’ Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, featuring the dynamic duo of Substack journalists Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi. These guys spilled the beans on Silicon Valley tech giants and federal authorities cozying up to quash any hint of dissent. Shellenberger stated: “The First Amendment prohibits the government from abridging freedom of speech.” Yet, here we are, with evidence suggesting the government is not just abridging but actively choreographing a tap dance on free speech.

So, here we are, lost in a labyrinth of deceit, wondering when the grand charade will finally pack up its tent and leave town. The federal censorship regime, masquerading as a defender of public interest, is nothing short of a sideshow – a carnival of constitutional violations that threatens the very fabric of free speech. It’s about time we pull back the curtain on these shadowy manipulators and reclaim the narrative from those who aim to silence dissent and control the flow of information. The show must go on, but it’s high time for the audience to demand a refund.