Kamala Harris Teaches Us Why She’s a Politician and Not a Teacher…Neither is Great

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

On a regular basis, we thank our lucky stars that Kamala Harris is not a teacher. With her inability to speak in a comprehensible way in front of a group, she’s clearly not cut out for the world of education.

Unfortunately for us, she managed to hitch a ride straight to the White House. As the VP, she has the ability to inform more than just a classroom full of kids.

And even though there have been countless occasions where she scrambles her words and repeats the same word over and over, her handlers still shove her out in front of big crowds so that she might impart some wisdom to us common folk.

Harris appeared in Raleigh, North Carolina so that she could talk about how the Biden administration focuses on small businesses. After all, Biden LOVES to tout how small businesses are thriving in his economy.

Of course, most small business owners don’t exactly feel as though they are thriving.
Still, Harris will make believers of us all.

As is typical of the VP, she treats the entire audience as though they are morons. In her best kindergarten teacher voice, she asks the crowd, “Who of us grew up with our parents talking about a phrase ‘line of credit.’ These are things you learn…”

That wouldn’t be so bad. It’s the way that she goes on because she’s nervous and has no real idea what she’s talking about.

“These are things you learn, if someone takes the time to teach you because they know.”

Oh. My. God. Why is she so bad at this?

So, here’s what the Vice President has managed to teach us: if someone knows things, and they take the time to teach you, you can learn things.


I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad that she’s not a teacher in the public education system.

Then, she goes on to share about small business owners. She doesn’t share statistics or industries or anything helpful. Instead, she says that they “span the generations in addition to being intergenerational.” Apparently, she doesn’t realize that she’s just said the same thing twice, just using different words.

I think I’d rather listen to her hyena cackle rather than her word salads, but maybe that’s just me.

Just in case you want to see how she botches this conversation up for yourself, Town Hall managed to grab it on video: