Men in Dresses Cause Revolt at Daughters of the American Revolution

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Fotokvadrat /

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) has a bit of a revolt on its hands after the group’s leadership voted to allow men in dresses to join the exclusive, women-only club. There are two preconditions for becoming a member of DAR. First, you have to be a direct descendant of an American involved in the Revolutionary War with England. Second, you have to be someone’s daughter. But not any longer! Transgender insanity has now invaded one of the remaining few women-only spaces in American life.

Unfortunately for the general membership of DAR, their leaders voted without checking with the ladies to see whether they wanted men in dresses to make a mockery of one of their only two distinguishing characteristics. There’s a Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) group as well, which is specifically and exclusively for men. The dudes in miniskirts who are now demanding to be called “daughters” could have simply joined that group if they wanted to be recognized for their ancestry.

But equal rights like that are never good enough for the LGBT lobby. They want special rights above and beyond those afforded to everyone else. You have to affirm their mental illness as reality—or else.

One of the transgender amendments that DAR’s leadership passed (because, of course, there’s more than one transgender amendment) now prevents all local chapters from denying membership because of “[characteristics] protected by applicable law.”

That is somewhat disingenuous and speaks to the amount of transgender propaganda we’re all being subjected to right now. It’s illegal under federal law and in many states to fire someone from their job because they are transgender. You can’t discriminate against them in housing and in certain other situations.

Private membership in an exclusive club does not automatically mean that you can’t exclude people who don’t meet your criteria. There’s no federal law that says you can’t discriminate against transgenders in that situation. (There’s also no federal law that says you can’t discriminate against them in schools. Have fun with that fact, boys!)

The DAR leadership did not have to change their bylaws to allow men in dresses to call themselves “daughters.” They chose to do so. If you have a club that only allows blue-eyed people to join, then that club is, by definition, discriminating against people with brown eyes. There’s no federal law prohibiting that.

The trans-friendly leaders of DAR then took it a step further, however. Even if an applicant to a local Daughters of the American Revolution meets the qualification of being an actual woman descended from Revolutionary War ancestors, the local chapters have always had a right to vote on whether that woman is “personally acceptable.”

If the meth-addicted town whore with 700 tattoos applies for membership and meets the qualifications, the local ladies could still vote to deny her application. That’s legal, by the way!

The DAR leadership, however, passed an additional amendment to take that power away from local chapters. They no longer get a say in who is allowed to join. If a mentally ill man in a dress with a history of shocking sexual violence convictions shows up to join a Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, they now have to let him in.

These people will never stop until they invade and destroy every last exclusive safe space for women. They’re already in the bathrooms and locker rooms, offending and terrifying and assaulting all the girls. If we allow that as a society, why wouldn’t they invade and destroy clubs like DAR as well?