Rep. Bush (D-MO) Plays the Race Card in a New Way

Shala W. Graham /
Shala W. Graham /

For decades, the Democrats have been pushing to pit minorities against the Republican Party. Their claims that the GOP is nothing but a bunch of old white men in suits who want nothing more than to restore slavery or at least the Jim Crow days have been their mantra. It didn’t matter what the record or the feelings of a Republican are, in the eyes of the Democrats it has all been racist.

Now, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri is coming after Republican Rep. Byron Donalds and targeting him as having a white power agenda. Using the almighty Twitter machine, she claimed “[For what it’s worth], [Donalds] is not a historic candidate for Speaker. He is a prop. Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy. His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic.”

This kind of polarizing message is one we are used to from the left. Their idea of everyone who isn’t with them is racist is something the GOP has been dealing with. However, the prospect of telling someone they are against their own race is something new to contend with.

With one of the most polarizing figures of the house, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), nominating him, the deck was already stacked against him, and he only received 20 votes following the House Freedom Caucus nominating him. She claimed that he is all too familiar with the tough times, and she seemed to see him as a potential unifying candidate. With efforts to work on border security, energy security, and term limits all falling on deaf ears as the GOP has not been unified, her choice in putting him up for nomination sent a strong message.

For what it’s worth, Donalds was not only gracious in being nominated but he was also calculated in his response to Bush’s claims. “Nobody asked [Bush] her opinion on the matter. Before you judge my agenda, let’s have a debate over the policies and the outcomes. Until then, don’t be a crab in a barrel!”

Responding like that is the earmark of someone who has been through some of the worst and came out shining on the other side. They know how to handle this rhetoric and pressure and could be the answer for the position. However, the Dems won’t vote for him, and he’s not battle tested enough for many in the GOP. Mind you, that isn’t an attack on him, it’s just a sign he isn’t quite ready to be the speaker.

Dealing the race card with someone of your race is beyond pathetic. Donalds isn’t against his own race, nor is he trying to push any sort of white agenda. Instead, he is trying to serve as a bridge between the two parties.

Because he’s a Republican, the GOP is more open to his ideals and talking with him. He has intelligent goals for the country, represents his constituents fairly, and wants what is best for the nation. He has yet to show any sensitivity about his race towards either side of the extremes. All in all, he could be the poster child for a minority in the GOP.

The Democrats have a natural interest in him and everything he has to say because he was born Black. He is the representative of their core audience, so they want to bring him into the fold and have themselves a RINO. Too bad for them, Donalds has the intelligence and the backbone to stay true to himself, his constituents, and the party.

The years of watching the Democrats deal the race card from the bottom of the deck are finally being called out. The American people have had enough of these selective provocations, and they want nothing more than to see the House go back to what it was supposed to be. A House of Representatives to speak on their behalf. Not to speak on behalf of their party.