Rumors Swirl of Another Newsom Run

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

Is anyone still wondering why California Governor Gavin Newsom isn’t running for 2024? Well, a recent move by the ultra-liberal says he might be.

Anyone watching the 2024 presidential race thus far, particularly that of Democratic candidates, has likely been wondering just how long the left-leaning party will stick with Joe Biden. I mean, not only are his policies proving to be one unprecedented failure after another, but both his physical and mental health are clearly in full decline.

So why aren’t more Democratic candidates popping up to take his place? Ones that may actually give the party a shot against Donald Trump?

Well, a recent veto by Gavin Newsom seems to signal that he might be willing to step up.

The veto in question came on Friday when Newsom decided to dismiss AB 957, a bill that would have “required judged to consider whether parents affirm their child’s gender identity when deciding custody cases.”

If you know anything about Newsom’s California, this bill is right up their alley. And it is something one would imagine the liberal governor wouldn’t have much of a problem with.

Undoubtedly, many on his side of the aisle feel betrayed by the veto.

So why would he do it?

Could it be that he’s dipping his toes into the presidential race, testing out whether or not he can muster support from those less liberal than he?

You get that idea even more if you read his response to MSNBC host Chuck Todd on a recent “Meet the Press” interview.

Todd asked Newsom if Democrats “need to move past” their worries about whether Biden is actually running for president again or not.

“What do you tell donors who are handwringing over this?”

Newsom’s response: “Time to move on. Let’s go.”

Now, one could interpret that to mean voters simply need to put their worries aside and back Biden. But it could also signal that Newsom implies that the party “move on” from Biden altogether.

What do you think? Will we see a Newsom entrance to the 2024 race soon?