Trump Campaign Ad Features Viral Frat Boys Protecting American Flag

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Displaying the sharp political instincts that he’s always been known for, Donald Trump has released a new campaign ad featuring the viral frat boys at UNC-Chapel Hill who protected the American flag from a hostile group of smelly Palestinian protesters last week. Videos of the boys protecting the flag as they were pelted with water bottles, rocks, and other debris quickly went viral last week.

The pro-Palestinian protesters, who are badly in need of a shower, took down the American flag on campus last week and replaced it with the Palestinian flag. That angered the boys from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, so they sprang into action. They held the American flag up off the ground for more than an hour as deranged protesters who couldn’t find Gaza on a map pelted them with water bottles.

The charming and handsome young white boys who stood there smirking at the pro-Palestinian social rejects quickly became folk heroes across the country. Someone set up a GoFundMe campaign to throw the fraternity a huge “rager,” and it’s raised more than $516,000 as of this writing.

America First country music legend John Rich also promised to throw the frat boys a free concert.

I’ve made contact with the Patriots at UNC!” Rich posted on X. “Working on a date to have a massive event to celebrate our flag and those who love her. I‘ll keep ya’ll posted! Let’s call it Flagstock Can you make Flagstock trend? LESSGO!”

The Trump campaign ad features clips of Americans showering the frat boys with praise for standing up for the flag. It’s worth noting that YouTube took the campaign ad down, claiming that it “violates community standards.”

You can still view the ad on X, however: