Trump: China Has Something on Biden…

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

If you haven’t heard, America’s relationship with China is growing in tension and questionability. And for 2024 GOP candidate and former President Donald Trump, that means the communist nation has something on Biden.

On Monday, Trump made the accusation in a recent appearance on Lou Dobbs’ “The Great America Show.”

Here, he told Dobbs that the relationship between the White House and Beijing during his time in the Oval Office was vastly different than it is now. When Trump was in office, he swore that China treated the US with “respect.” They answered when called, they came together for meetings (albeit reluctantly), and they sure as hell didn’t make any moves against the US.

But now, under Biden’s rule, they have pretty much not stopped encroaching on America.

In fact, right now, it’s been reported that China has begun negotiations with the communist nation of Cuba, allowing China to recently start building up its own military base there, nearly 100 miles off the coast of the United States.

Reports have also legitimized claims that the Chinese have implemented a new electronic listening facility in Cuba, again just a short distance from the US.

According to The Wall Street Journal, it’s all part of “Project 141,” designed to expand China’s military footprint worldwide.

Add this to the already strained relationship between Beijing and Washington, and the disrespect is near palpable.

As Trump says, it all signifies “there’s got to be something that they have because… how does a man allow China to move that military to Cuba? Cuba essentially is being taken over by the Chinese 90 miles off our coast, by the way. And they’re building all sorts of military installations, and nobody even talks about it.”

The only “talk” is about how the Chinese are laughing at the US.

Again, this never would have happened under Trump, which is yet another sign that Trump may be right about China having something on Biden. Then again, how do you not laugh at a nation whose president falls asleep, mumbles idiocy, or botches a military withdrawal as bad as Afghanistan?