Unpopular Opinion: It’s Time for Trump to Step Back and Be a Kingmaker 

Former President Donald Trump may be the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination, but what happens after he secures the spot? In a choice between a corrupt Joe Biden and an embattled Trump, neither candidate has a clear path to victory in 2024. 

Democrats have employed various tactics to undermine Trump’s reelection prospects, including numerous indictments that, though largely unfounded, have tarnished his electability. Some states are actively working to block him from their ballots due to ongoing legal complications, which could further jeopardize his chances. 

Even if he appears on the ballots, Trump’s refusal to participate in debates is granting valuable publicity to his opponents. His campaign, driven by ego, has deviated from the path of a successful presidential candidate. 

And third-party candidates are adding a new layer of complexity to the election. In a recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Joe Biden and Donald Trump each secured 37% of the vote. However, the independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. garnered 13% of the vote, potentially costing Trump what could have been a narrow lead. Kennedy’s support primarily came from voters who, by a 2-1 margin, would otherwise support the probable Republican nominee. 

Meanwhile, progressive activist Cornel West, who is planning an independent campaign, garnered 4% of the vote. If he weren’t on the ballot, his supporters would largely shift their allegiance to Biden.  

These results are a clear indication that Americans have little stomach for a Trump/Biden rematch. 

Trump is currently showing a lead in swing states, per a poll conducted by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult, largely due to Biden’s disastrous economy. Voters who identified the economy as their top concern disapproved of Biden’s economic policies by a substantial margin, with 65% disapproving and only 14% approving. Furthermore, 51% of swing-state voters expressed the belief that the national economy was in better shape under former President Trump’s administration. 

But as the 2022 midterms proved, there are other issues at hand. The midterm elections showed that people would rather bankrupt themselves at the grocery store and gas pumps if it meant keeping their rights for unhindered abortions. 

In every election, there are often exaggerated predictions of doom if a particular candidate doesn’t win. However, this time, there is genuine concern. President Joe Biden’s administration is rapidly implementing policies to dismantle the foundations of America. When Biden took office, there was an expectation of challenging times, but the extent of these challenges has been shocking, even to those who expected them. 

The upcoming 2024 election represents a crucial opportunity to restore American values and principles. If Biden were to secure re-election, the nation will undergo profound and irreversible changes. The radical transformation of America, as envisioned by some liberals, will continue unabated, and the system of checks and balances designed to keep one party from tyrannical dictatorship will be removed. 

These systems are already threatened, with Democrats pledging to abolish the electoral college, stack the Supreme Court of the United States, and end the filibuster among other tactics to further their agenda. 

Former President Trump, despite maintaining substantial support within the Republican party, may need to consider stepping aside as a presidential candidate. It might be the right moment for him to focus on his legal battles and take on a role as a coach and kingmaker. His endorsements during the 2022 midterms had a significant impact, with an impressive win rate of 82% among Trump-backed candidates. His true success rate will never be known because several Trump-backed candidates, such as Arizona’s Kari Lake, faced shenanigans at the polling booths that may have contributed to their losses. 

In the upcoming elections, it’s guaranteed that Democrats, emboldened by the success of their “voting irregularities” in 2020, will pull out all the stops to ensure the same “irregularities” happen again. In a fair fight, Trump’s reelection would be all but assured. Democrats, however, are setting him up for failure even before the polling machines “break down” in the middle of the night.  

Trump will always be the face of Make America Great Again, but supporters need to face facts. It’s over for him, and the Democrats won their cheap and tawdry game. At this point, Trump should throw his support behind another MAGA candidate to propel the nation back to prosperity. His supporters would rally behind his choice, and those who are anti-Trump would unite behind a “not Trump” candidate. 

In this pivotal moment in American history, Trump’s decision to withdraw from the GOP presidential pool could serve the greater goal of uniting conservatives and securing victory in the 2024 election. His past successes, while notable, are not sufficient to overcome the challenges he faces in a presidential race.  

The future of America is at stake, and at this point, unity and a clear conservative path forward are essential for safeguarding the nation’s identity and values.