Country Music Star Arrested on Felony Charges

Tony Norkus /
Tony Norkus /

Morgan Wallen is arguably one of the most popular names in country music right now, selling out stadiums of hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, that kind of fame and fortune has some pretty nasty side effects. And one of those caught up to Wallen recently.

Like most in his industry, Wallen spends a good deal of time in Nashville. He also spends a lot of hours in what you might call a party scene.

And as it often does, one thing leads to another and someone ends up in handcuffs.

On Sunday night, it was Wallen himself in those cuffs.

As TMZ reported, the hit singer and songwriter was in Nashville on Sunday night, having some drinks and laughs at Eric Church’s Chiefs Bar downtown. Wallen and friends were on the roof of the six-story building when he allegedly threw a chair off the roof and onto the street below, where it just barely missed a number of police officers.

It is unclear why Wallen threw the chair or if there was any other property damage (besides the chair) involved.

In any case, the police on the ground were not impressed with Wallen’s throwing skills and quickly put him into cuffs.

According to Wallen’s lawyer, he was charged with three felony counts of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

Bail was posted for $15,250, which was quickly paid, and Wallen was released.

As I mentioned before, stars like Wallen unfortunately have this kind of thing happen from time to time. With the life of one party after another, things occasionally get out of hand, and poor decisions are made. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see someone in the entertainment industry get a little too careless.

For Wallen, I’m sure this recent experience will leave him with a little regret and perhaps the motivation to do better next time…