Showdown as Elon Musk Refuses to Censor Brazilian Dictator’s Critics on X

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Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger is on the ground in Brazil right now, where he reports that the country is now dangerously close to falling into a communist dictatorship. A Brazilian Supreme Court Justice has just issued an unconstitutional order to Elon Musk, stating that he must censor the Twitter/X accounts of popular critics of the Brazilian government. Musk has refused, setting up a potential showdown with communist “President” Lula da Silva’s regime.

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered Musk to censor not only Brazilian critics of da Silva on Twitter/X but also people in America who are critical of communism. Musk has flat-out refused to obey Justice de Moraes’ order.

“As a result,” said Musk, “we will probably lose all revenue in Brazil and have to shut down our office there. But principles matter more than profit.”

Unfortunately, Elon Musk is being left to do the work that the US State Department used to do before it was run by communists. The State Department should be flexing its muscles and telling Brazil to respect the principles of free political speech. Instead, the unelected Joe Biden regime is trying to help the da Silva regime by putting pressure on Twitter/X.

Shellenberger says that right now, de Moraes is a bigger threat to Brazil than da Silva. De Moraes demanded that Musk reveal private information about Twitter users he doesn’t like. He also demanded access to Twitter’s internal files so he could identify critics of the da Silva regime. De Moraes even censored posts on Twitter from members of the Brazilian parliament.

Shellenberger reports that Google, Facebook, Uber, WhatsApp, and Instagram have all betrayed their users by handing over the same documentation to de Moraes. He notes that it could only be a matter of days now before Brazil’s constitution is completely repealed and the country falls into a full-blown communist dictatorship, where all dissent is outlawed. No wonder Joe Biden likes da Silva so much.