Can’t Help Himself – Joe Biden Caught Creeping on a Little Girl and Rubbing Her Face During Campaign Stop

Jonah Elkowitz /
Jonah Elkowitz /

Joe Biden has something seriously wrong with him, and we’re tired of pretending he’s normal. We’re not talking about the dementia. We’re talking about the other thing. When we said, “the other thing,” you knew exactly what we meant, didn’t you? The kid-touching that Joe Biden constantly does is truly disturbing and people need to stop enabling this behavior.

Biden made a campaign stop at a Pittsburgh steel mill this week and there were some children in the crowd who were ushered up to the front to stand near him. Joe Biden just couldn’t restrain himself. As you’ll see in the video below, Biden reaches out and starts seductively caressing a preteen girl’s face.

No adult man who is not a pedophile behaves this way around other people’s children. Everyone knows this, but the media keeps pretending that this is not exactly what it looks like. If a grown man ever touched your preteen daughter the way that Joe Biden is constantly touching kids, you’d punch him in the throat or shove him down the stairs. You wouldn’t kid yourself that he’s just some quirky old man.

It’s right in plain sight, folks. This is an official campaign photo that was released this week:

Not. Normal!

There are a hundred other good reasons why Joe Biden should never be allowed back in office in this country, but this one seems to be the most important. Joe Biden’s own daughter admitted in her diary that he forced her to take “inappropriate” showers with him when she was a little girl. Hunter Biden had listed Joe’s name as “Pedo Peter” in his phone contacts.

If you vote for Joe Biden in November, this is exactly what you’re supporting: