Turns Out This Might Just Be a Simulation

3D Gear FOTO / shutterstock.com
3D Gear FOTO / shutterstock.com

Ever since COVID began, the curtain has been pulled back just a little bit more at every turn. As intelligent conservatives take note of these instances, the liberals continue to treat them like they aren’t worth noticing, and we must be crazy for paying attention. Now, one of their COVID researchers, Dr Melvin Vopson, has discovered that it could turn out that none of this is real.

Dr. Vopson has investigated SARS-Cov-2 and its RNA for predictions about how the virus will change and how they should alter their vaccines/boosters. Frequently sequencing the transitions, he and others have noticed patterns and can predict what they are most likely to do. They do this using the “laws of infodynamics.” Speaking about his latest study, they think this could all be for naught.

“Since the second law of infodynamics is a cosmological necessity and appears to apply everywhere in the same way, it could be concluded that this indicates that the entire universe appears to be a simulated construct or a giant computer. A super complex universe like ours, if it were a simulation, would require built-in data optimization and compression in order to reduce the computational power and the data storage requirements to run the simulation. This is exactly what we are observing all around us, including in digital data, biological systems, mathematical symmetries, and the entire universe.”

While this doesn’t prove that we are in a simulation, and other quantum mechanics laws say that we aren’t, it doesn’t mean the theory is wrong. It could certainly be the situation at another point in the future. This is also something researchers have studied for years and writers have hypothesized about for decades.

With projects like weighing a hard drive full of information and without being studied, they still have a ways to go. Still, it explains more of what has been happening than anything else does.