Biden’s Latest Choice From the Liberal Playbook? Tax the Rich

Christopher Penler /
Christopher Penler /

So far, President Biden’s team has been running some of the Democratic party’s greatest plays in the 2024 Presidential election campaign season. Looking to keep Biden in the White House, they are doing everything to keep him as in front of the American people as possible, all while controlling his moves at every turn.

Their latest tactic is one that is always being run in the background through their legions of followers who simply parrot buzzwords they hear others tell them. Now, he wants them to keep talking about taxing the rich.

Speaking before a Scranton, PA audience, Biden told his minions, “When I look at the economy, I don’t look at it through the eyes of Mar-a-Lago. I look at it through the eyes of Scranton.” Launching into a somewhat coherent ramble, he brought up his latest initiative to simplify the tax code and make things easier and fairer. Pushing the idea that billionaires be taxed at a 25% rate, he negates mentioning that currently, that rate is at 23%.

“Scranton values or Mar-a-Lago values,” said Biden with a bit of a smirk. “These are the competing visions for our economy that raise questions of fundamental fairness at the heart of this campaign.” Listening to this child-sniffing man talk about values is comical at best. The way that man has raised his living son has certainly shown that the Biden family lacks values. So if Mar-a-Lago values mean our children grow up with a sense of right and wrong, then pass the hyphens.

Former President Trump previously addressed the tax code during his first run for office, when he crushed Hillary Clinton. When she tried to go after him for allegedly not paying his taxes, he simply told her that he pays what the tax code tells him to. Since they keep the loopholes going, he’s going to keep using them. If you want them closed, he’s not opposed to it.

Making it that simple sent her and the rest of the liberals into a tizzy. They had nothing they could say in response to that, no matter how hard they tried. Now Biden is trying the same attack, just in a slightly different way. Frankly, if he wants to show the American people he’s serious about a level playing field, he could stop the insider trading coming from members of the House and Senate.