Reminiscent of 9/11, Chicago Liberals Cheer Iran’s Attack on Israel


When terrorism attacks the free world, it’s not a coincidence that the liberals start celebrating. A group notorious for supporting the people they believe are the most oppressed, they rarely have a full understanding of the situation when they start applauding. As news of Iran’s launch of drones and missiles at Israel broke on April 13th, the March on the Democratic National Convention 2024 in Chicago erupted in applause.

Most of them masked, these liberals maintained their “values” of hiding their identities and of pledging their support for terrorism. Launched allegedly as a response to an Israeli airstrike in Damascus, Syria, on April 1st that took out several Iranian officials, including two generals, it came with a long warning. Hatem Abudayyeh, a member of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, spoke before the conference about the new strike. He informed the liberals that assets from Iraq and Yemen would be joining the Iranians in their attacks.

As these liberals cheered, many pro-Palestinian activists started chants opposing US involvement in Israel and advocating for Palestine to be “liberated.” Their stance against the US having any involvement in the region should be infuriating to all Americans. Refusing to compromise, they want the “martyrs” of Palestine and Iran to be praised to near God-like levels and for Israel to be stricken from the map.

In response to hearing about their actions, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a pair of tweets illustrating the truth behind the liberals and their response. “The next time you hear the ‘ceasefire now’ crowd described as ‘peace activists’, remember how many of them cheered the launch of hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel.” He also added, “They don’t want a ceasefire, they want #Israel destroyed.”

He’s right, too. That’s the liberal idea of peace- eliminate and remove anything or anyone who is a threat to their agenda. It’s unfortunate that they only want to do it when it involves attacking people who are unarmed or ill-prepared or when they use someone else to do it. These liberals aren’t tough, and they sure as hell don’t sign up to be the ones fighting to make a change.