Yale Students Volunteer To Stop Eating in Support of Palestine

Helioscribe / shutterstock.com
Helioscribe / shutterstock.com

It’s funny when you hear liberal college students start making idle threats. Especially when it comes from the silver-spooned mouths of the students of Ivy League colleges like Yale. In a message posted on Instagram, a group of students simply titled “Yale Hunger Strike” addressed Yale President Peter Salovey directly.

“We now make a direct demand. With the death toll of the genocide climbing daily in Gaza and the invasion of Rafah set to cause catastrophe, it is your moral responsibility to remove our institution from the list of those supporting genocide. History will remember. If these demands are not met by the morning of 4/12/2024, we will go on a hunger strike. We will risk our bodily health and well-being in ways that mirror only a fraction of the absolute devastation that Palestinians are suffering right now, until you do. Yale’s complicity in genocide must end.”

First off, these spoiled brats would have benefitted from getting a marketing major to join their crusade. Their name is horrible and shows a total lack of branding.

Secondly, they fail to understand the meaning of “complicity.” Yale, nor any other college in the US is complicit in genocide in Palestine, Gaza, Israel, or even Iraq. They had nothing to do with the actions, and virtue signaling by condemning Israel for defending themselves against Hamas is pointless. Wagging their finger while hiding behind the robe of American justice does nothing to change the situation or help improve the lives of those stuck in the middle.

That’s the problem with many of the college students these days. They get a single semester of liberal thinking under their belt and suddenly they know all the answers to questions nobody asked. Hopefully, Yale lets them go hungry and doesn’t cower to this weak attempt at intimidation and manipulation.