Hawley Catches Energy Secretary in a Lie About Stocks

Artisticco / shutterstock.com
Artisticco / shutterstock.com

We’ve known that none of Biden’s picks for within his cabinet are star pupils. We had at least hoped that they’d know that they had to be honest when speaking about stocks and other such things.

Senator Josh Hawley has caught Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, in a massive lie.

Granholm lied to Congress when she was asked about holding individual stocks.

Obviously, it’s a conflict of interest when anyone in Congress or the cabinet has stocks because they can purchase as a result of insider information.

Recently, Granholm decided it was time to tell the truth. She wrote a letter to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to reveal that she and her husband really did hold stocks – and more importantly, in companies that the Department of Energy oversees. A big deal.

Granholm thinks that she can just make a quick reveal and not have to worry about the fact that she lied under oath. She commented, “In order to make my financial holdings consistent with my testimony, on May 18, 2023, I divested my remaining stock holdings which consisted of stock in six companies, even though these assets were deemed non-conflicting.”

The problem is that when Hawley questioned her in May, she said that she held mutual funds but not stocks.

And as Hawley has pointed out, it took the Secretary six weeks to admit to the truth. It’s why he’s now calling for a ban so that no officials within the senior executive branch along with all members of Congress are able to own and trade stock. This means that he’s including himself within the ban.

It’s too easy for these individuals to get rich because they have insider info that the rest of us don’t have. It’s not fair – and at least Hawley has enough morals to call it as he sees it.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal just released a report that explains that “one-third of the Energy Department’s senior officials owned stocks related to the agency’s work.” If that’s not corrupt, I don’t know what is.

This isn’t the first time Granholm has been in trouble over her stocks, either. She reportedly violated the STOCK Act back in 2021, too.

Now, hopefully, Hawley can do something about it now that he’s on to her.