Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: Biden Refers to Illegal Invaders as ‘Voters’

Drazen Zigic /
Drazen Zigic /

Joe Biden has done it again by saying the quiet part out loud. In 2020, he let it slip that Democrats had assembled the largest voter fraud organization in human history. Last week, during an interview with a Hispanic radio station, Biden referred to all the illegal aliens he has admitted into the country as “voters.”

It shouldn’t surprise us that he feels this way. The Democrat Party has become such a lunatic fringe group that very few Americans will still vote for them. If it weren’t for voter fraud and illegal aliens casting invalid ballots in our elections, Democrats wouldn’t be able to win a local race for dog catcher.

The Democrats want to force every American to drive an electric car that costs $80,000 (or more) because they are afraid of sunlight. They want to sexually mutilate children and pretend that they are the opposite gender. Good grief, what sane adult would vote for a party like that?

Answer: Peasant foreigners who have been promised cradle-to-grave welfare in exchange for breaking our voting laws.

Biden even had the gall to compare the current horde of invaders to the Irish Catholic immigrants who came to the US in the 1840s. Anyone who has cracked open a history book knows that is a false equivalency. Even if you haven’t read a history book, you can likely spot a few differences between an English-speaking Irish Catholic and a jihadi terrorist from Pakistan.

Some are claiming that it was another one of Joe Biden’s “gaffes” to refer to 20 million illegal aliens as “voters.” It seems more like a Freudian slip, though, doesn’t it?

Someone posted the audio of Biden’s comment on social media. What do you think? Was this a gaffe, or did Biden accidentally say the quiet part out loud?