Scranton Snubs Biden: Hometown Discontent Rocks Re-Election Bid

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini /

Oh, Scranton, PA: the little town that could. Famous mostly for lending its charm to “The Office,” it’s also the supposed birthplace of President Joe Biden. Yes, Biden and Michael Scott hail from the same zip code—but only one of them is still celebrated with daily reruns.

Now, if you’ve ever set foot in Scranton, it’s impossible to miss its star-studded status—thanks to the sitcom. Poor Joe, on the other hand, despite being the actual president and all, seems to be running a distant second in name recognition. And hey, while you’re in town, don’t miss the Houdini Museum—because nothing says Scranton like a good escape artist, something residents might wish Biden could be.

Let’s discuss local opinions. The Daily Mail in the UK launched an investigation to gauge public sentiment towards Biden in his town. They interviewed 25 people, but only seven went on record. Out of those, just one backed Biden. Joe might want to reconsider his speeches when talking about his hometown.

Sean, who lived two houses away from Biden, says he was better off under Trump. “I was in better shape,” he laments. Plus, he’s not feeling the love for Democrats these days—high groceries, ridiculous gas prices, and trust issues. The trifecta of voter discontent!

Then there’s John, sporting an American flag bandana like it’s his job, disillusioned with the old ‘vote Democrat’ family mantra. His solution? Bring back Trump—apparently, he doesn’t play around, and John thinks the country’s going downhill fast.

Of those interviewed, pro-Biden Jamaro made a case based on the lack of indictments against Joe. A low bar, but nowadays, it’s a qualifier! Meanwhile, Shaumay’s review was short and not so sweet: “No on Joe. He has to go.”

Alexander wants new blood, dismissing Biden as part of the “decrepit old” club that needs constant reminders of his own name. Another local, Stephen, is placing his bets on Trump for a supposed economic fixer-upper sequel.

A recent trip through the area shows that the Trump flags outnumber anything Biden-related—a stark reminder of where allegiances lie. Scranton might be the backdrop for fictional shenanigans, but the script seems drastically different when it comes to presidential support.