Canadian Hospital Offers to Kill a Woman Seeking Help for Suicidal Thoughts

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A 37-year-old Canadian woman named Kathrin Mentler went to Vancouver General Hospital’s Access and Assessment Centre in June. She was miserable and depressed and had been thinking about killing herself. She was worried that she would act on her suicidal thoughts, and desperately wanted help. The hospital came up with a novel idea to help her. How about if the hospital just killed her instead, so she wouldn’t have to go through the misery of waiting for a doctor to see her?

This is one of a growing number of horror stories coming out of countries that adopt doctor-assisted suicide. The concept is always offered as a solution for people suffering in excruciating pain from a terminal illness who are going to die within six months. But then, whenever a nation adopts the practice, they just start exterminating everyone they can instead of providing them with help. Doctors in the Netherlands were recently caught killing autistic adults who said they were miserable because they were lonely.

Kathrin Mentler was told at the hospital that there were no beds available for her. It was also going to be a long wait before a psychiatrist could see her for an assessment.

That’s when a clinician asked her if she had considered Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program. The clinician told her it brought a great sense of relief after they killed another person suffering from mental illness.

“That made me feel like my life was worthless or a problem that could be solved if I chose MAID,” said Mentler.

Kathrin Mentler was literally asking for help because she didn’t really want to kill herself—so the doctors offered to kill her. That’s modern-day “doctor-assisted suicide” in a nutshell.