Marvel Eliminates a Comic Book Series Because It Hates the Story’s Conservative Fanbase

Rachel Goodhew /
Rachel Goodhew /

Many people don’t realize that the culture wars that have infested nearly every area of life are also cutting a swath through the world of comic books. The comics that you may have enjoyed as a child years ago are now unrecognizable after companies like Marvel and DC were infested by hordes of social justice warriors who hate America. The latest example of this comes from Marvel, which just killed off The Punisher. The character’s masculinity and sense of honor, which attracted a very conservative fanbase, was just too toxic for the wilting violets at Marvel, so they decided to spit in the fans’ faces.

Most forms of entertainment media were captured by the newest generation of “woke” communist creators by about the middle of Barack Obama’s two terms in office. Good movies are a rarity these days. Television shows? Yuck. Around 90% of the new books published every month by the major publishers feature gay, transgender, or women authors, as the evil white men are frozen out of entire professions. Comic books have not escaped the Year Zero transformations that these communists seek to impose against anything that is good, beautiful, or true.

People who are members of Generation X or older are often shocked when they find out just how nasty, preachy, and unenjoyable the comic books of their youth are today. Spider-Man is now a bisexual Hispanic teenager. Superman is gay. REALLY gay. It’s flat-out gross. G.I. Joe is an obese teenage girl. You might think we’re making this up, but it’s all true.

But no character is so offensive to the woketards at Marvel as Frank Castle, a.k.a. “The Punisher.” Created in 1974, The Punisher was a product of that tumultuous decade. Castle comes back from the war and his family is murdered. When the authorities fail to prosecute, let alone pursue, the killers, Castle takes things into his own hands. The Punisher is a classic vigilante revenge story, which is why it became so popular in the first place.

During the 1970s, America was going through an extremely rough period. Leftist mayors in cities like New York and San Francisco were actively disarming their citizens. Meanwhile, they were letting hardened criminals out on the streets through their soft-on-crime policies. Cops were prevented from doing much in the way of helping to protect civilians from the crooks. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Pop culture responded to that awful decade by creating vigilante characters who were extremely popular. The 1970s is when Charles Bronson’s “Death Wish” movies and Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry,” first came to life. It’s in the midst of that climate that The Punisher was created. You can see why the character resonated with a conservative fanbase.

A vigilante who uses guns to clean up the streets and protect others? Oh, well, that’s just a bridge too far for the wokies at Marvel. They couldn’t fix that by turning Frank Castle into a one-legged black lesbian. They had to kill him off entirely.

In the final issue, progressive “heroes” capture Castle and disarm him. They put him through a big struggle session and brand him as a domestic terrorist. Even though his wife died back in something like Episode 1, back in the 1970s, they bring her back from the dead just so she can divorce Frank Castle and take his real estate and cash away from him. Frank Castle then takes the coward’s way out by committing suicide in his prison cell.

This is Year Zero communism stuff, folks. They have to erase our history by tearing our statues down and rewriting the textbooks. They have to smear our cultural icons as racists, and they have to get rid of anything that reminds people of what heroism and justice look like. This is the garbage they’re now feeding to kids in comic books.