Take a Road Trip (If You Can Afford It)

EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com
EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com

Did you know that there’s actually a holiday known as “Take a Road Trip Day?” If you’ve ever thought of taking one, it’s on June 16. Of course, you can take a road trip at any time, assuming you can afford it thanks to Biden’s war on gas prices.

The benefits of road trips are worth the hassle and expense for many people. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a hefty expense. From the high fuel costs going for as much as $3.65 a gallon to parking fees and even the possibility of accidents while on the road, it can be costly.

Here are a few popular road trips that you can set out on:

1. Zion National Park to Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Circle)
Starting in the west, this road trip from Zion to the Grand Canyon offers you two fantastic National Parks. You will be introduced to Zion at the hike up to the Virgin River, giving you a river view from the bottom of the canyon. The park is also home to massive sandstone rock formations, and you can see them in their raw form while traveling along the Zion-to-The-Grand Canyon route.

2. Pacific Coast Highway, California
This trip in California takes you along the Pacific Coast Highway, which will give you a glimpse of some of the most unique, beautiful, and interesting places in America. On this trip, you can see some of the most stunning beaches in California and some of the less traveled areas of San Diego and Los Angeles. You will get to experience incredible weather on this trip, from cold winters to warm summers.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina
Known as one of the most scenic roads in the United States, this trip through the Blue Ridge Parkway will take you through Virginia and North Carolina and allow you to see the beautiful mountains in America. You can also visit places like Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Shenandoah National Park. This road trip is perfect for photographers and people who enjoy nature because of its breathtaking views.

Road trips are great for families and friends on a small budget. Gas prices may be high, but airline tickets are usually considerably more. And hey, at least you don’t have to rent a car when you get to your destination!

There are many road trips that take you through the country that require more budgeting than others, mainly due to the rising fuel costs. Whether you choose to travel along the Atlantic, the Pacific, or right into the Midwest, seeing the natural and man-made sites of America can be worth the money you put into it. And who knows, you may have a great experience on your trip this summer.