5 Conspiracy Theories About Trump’s Indictment

Gary Varvel / Creators.com
Gary Varvel / Creators.com

The Democrats have done it. They have indicted Trump as a result of his 2020 “election interference.” That’s in quotation marks since he didn’t really interfere with the election. He simply questioned the results because there’s no way that the party who said they didn’t want an old white man in office elected, well, an old white man. That and the fact that polls showed Trump with a significant lead all the way up to Election Day.

Special counsel Jack Smith has performed an investigation and supposedly has the proof to show that Trump attempted to overturn the 2020 election, which also included leading the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Smith is seeking a speedy trial, but there’s no telling just how speedy that will be.

Trump’s initial hearing will determine what is done with him, including whether he will be able to remain a presidential candidate for 2024.

While we wait to hear about the court proceedings of Trump appearing in court, we have to look at some of the conspiracy theories that are spinning out of control.

Conspiracy Theory #1: Trump will win the presidency but be forced to serve from prison.

Conspiracy Theory #2: Trump will be sent to jail, where he’ll then pay a massive bail to get out.

Conspiracy Theory #3: Trump will be considered a flight risk, which means that he will be locked in jail with no bail.

Conspiracy Theory #4: Trump will get the criminal charges dropped, just as he has had done with all past indictments.

Conspiracy Theory #5: Trump will be treated as a traitor to the United States and face the death penalty.

There’s no telling where this will end up. Even after the hearing, Trump could still face more charges simply because of the Democratic witch hunt. Let’s face it – the Biden campaign will do better if they can get Trump out of the picture, so all legalities are being thrown out the window.