Adam Schiff is Confronted at the Airport; Told He Should Be Ashamed of Himself

lev radin /
lev radin /

When you think of liars in Congress, none come to mind more than California Representative Adam Schiff – now that George Santos has been ousted. And one individual was more than willing to tell Schiff just that when he ran into him at an airport.

The video was posted to social media on Monday by Alex Bruesewitz, X Strategies CEO and pro-Trump activist. In it, Bruesewitz approaches Schiff and quite bluntly, as well as politely, tells Schiff that he should be ashamed of himself for all the lies he’s said while in office. He added that “when” he loses his current bid to the US Senate, Schiff should retire.

“I think you should be ashamed of yourself and how often you lie to the American people. I hope you lose your Senate race – which it looks like you’re doing – and that you retire from American politics because you are a sick man.”

Bruesewitz then concluded by telling Schiff, “Thank you,” and walking away.

Now, Bruesewitz may have a more personal ax to grind with Schiff than most. As a member of the larger X team and co-worker of Elon Musk, a known enemy of Adam Schiff’s, he was once served with a subpoena from Schiff to testify and prove his innocence in relation to the January 6, 2021 Capital incursion.

Bruesewitz is one of many who got similar subpoenas thanks to Schiff’s position on the infamous J6 House committee investigating the incursion. And just like he did with the Russian collusion lie, Schiff forced dozens to spend a fortune to defend themselves while he used the lies to “personally enrich himself and gain political notoriety,” Bruesewitz said in an X post made in June.

But even if the GOP activist wasn’t personally affected by Schiff’s lies, he has every right to be upset about such a man in Congress and running for a Senate seat.

And I have to say I agree; I hope Schiff loses, and I hope he then retires.