CNN Now Says It’s ‘Anti-Gay’ to Prosecute Same-Sex Child Molesters

AndriiKoval /
AndriiKoval /

Under CNN’s new editorial guidelines, it is “anti-gay” to prosecute someone who rapes a child or a disabled person. Talk about saying the quiet part out loud. Is there something about the so-called “gay community” that you’d like to finally confess to us, CNN? The failing network’s latest hot take is based on a story out of Uganda, where new tough prosecutorial guidelines are in place for aggravated acts of homosexuality.

Here’s the message that CNN tweeted with a link to its story about Uganda now prosecuting monsters who rape kids and disabled people:

“Two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of ‘aggravated homosexuality,’ an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti-gay laws.”

Controversial anti-gay laws?

The two men in question are charged with aggravated homosexuality, which is defined as an adult raping a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person. And yes, the crime is punishable by death—as it should be. There’s nothing controversial about this.

We used to execute gay pedophiles here in the United States until the 1970s when a liberal Supreme Court banned the sensible practice. Raping a child is one of the most monstrous, inhumane, and hateful crimes that a person can commit. Child rapists don’t have a nice time in prison if they happen to survive at all.

One of the men in Uganda is charged with raping a 12-year-old boy, and the other charged with raping a disabled person who could not resist, fight back, or give consent. Instead of expressing outrage at these deviant perverts as any normal person would, CNN is acting as if the gay criminals are the victims here.

Uganda’s new pro-normalcy act was signed into law in May. Same-sex marriage is outlawed, and committing homosexual acts is now punishable by life in prison. There’s absolutely nothing historically controversial about this.

The US State Department and the Biden regime have been pushing the gay agenda so fiercely on other countries that this is now the obvious backlash to it. Countries are going back to executing gay child molesters and criminalizing homosexuality—in case Joe Biden and Secretary of State Tony Blinken don’t get the message. We used to try to export American values to other countries, but the only values that Joe Biden’s regime recognizes are gay marriage, the rainbow flag, and trans surgeries for children. Nobody wants those.

In its report on these poor gay “victims,” CNN barely mentions the 12-year-old or the disabled person. Not to put too fine a point on it, but one of the men committed forcible anal rape on a 12-year-old boy, and the other one committed forcible anal rape on a disabled person. The rapists are not the victims here, CNN.

A more disturbing question that everyone should be asking is, why does CNN suddenly think that it is anti-gay to prosecute hideous sex crimes against vulnerable victims? The scary thing is that CNN’s hot take on this issue doesn’t seem to be out of step with how the rest of the Democrat Party feels about it.

In California, for example, the Democrat supermajority changed the laws last year so that gay child molesters don’t have to be included on the state’s sex offender registry. If a person forcibly sodomizes a child as young as 14, they don’t have to go on the registry if they can prove to the court that they’re gay.

This is the slippery slope that social conservatives warned about when the Supreme Court found a magical passage in the Constitution that somehow allowed “gay marriage.” Here’s to hoping that the Ugandan government will continue protecting vulnerable victims and that the guilty parties will receive the maximum sentence under the law.