Dems Run from Hearing After GOP Rep Tries to Play Video on the Horrors of Child Genital Mutilation Surgeries

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Republicans in Congress are trying to address the physician shortage that is facing America over the next decade. By 2034, America is projected to be 125,000 doctors short of the number needed to provide adequate healthcare in the US. That’s something that sounds important.

Unfortunately, Democrats are hung up on the idea of spending your tax dollars to pay for transgender mutilation surgeries on confused children. When Florida Rep. Kat Cammack tried to show a video highlighting the fact that there’s no science behind these surgeries, Democrats howled and fled the room.

Rep. Cammack made a motion to show a short clip of an interview with a gender reassignment surgery “expert” in the Oregon healthcare system. Democrats disrupted the hearing suddenly and moved for an adjournment rather than allow Cammack to show a video proving that these nightmare surgeries are terrible for patients and especially children. “This is turning into a circus,” one Democrat congresswoman can be heard yelling.

She didn’t mean that it was a circus because the Democrats were howling like a pack of wild apes. She meant it was a circus because Rep. Cammack wanted to try to inject some science into their weird religious sacrament of child genital mutilation.

Rep. Cammack tells Fox News that the video she wanted to show has a leading transgender surgeon talking about the fact that these surgeries are completely experimental. Doctors make things up on the fly, often in the middle of procedures, and there is no scientific literature to back any of it up. She says the Democrats fled the hearing “because it proves exactly what we have been saying all along. That this is experimental. This is, I want to say, almost akin to a Frankenstein experiment on children. There is no consent that you can give as an adolescent to change your anatomy.”

Cammack continued, “Particularly when in this video the surgeon himself admits that these kids have in many cases not had their first sexual experiences and how do they affirm what they are supposed to feel like and look like when they just don’t know.”

Nothing that ever happens in the operating room during these surgeries—especially on children—stays the same later. That’s because children’s bodies are still growing and maturing. These doctors use robots to take sections of the intestines or the lining of the child’s stomach out and use them to create new orifices.

Performing a genital mutilation surgery on a boy does not turn him into a girl. Performing it on a girl does not turn her into a boy. What it does is turn the victim of the procedure into a “patient for life.”

That’s probably why more than 90% of adult transgender people never opt for “bottom surgery.” If the adult trans people understand the dangers of this horror show, why are Democrats so eager to perform these procedures on little kids?

Here is a video of the Democrats throwing a fit over science (again) and Rep. Cammack’s reaction to their childish antics in a committee hearing: