Independent Reporter Who Covered January 6th Was Just Convicted as a ‘Rioter’

lev radin /
lev radin /

A man named Stephen Horn was just convicted by a biased Washington, DC jury of participating in the mostly peaceful Election Justice protest at the US Capitol on January 6. Stephen Horn is an independent journalist. He was at the Capitol that day, filming the events with a helmet camera. He didn’t hurt anyone or break anything. He filmed the events for a documentary. Yet Stephen Horn is now potentially facing years in federal prison for simply carrying out a First Amendment-protected act of journalism.

The jury only deliberated for one hour on Monday, September 18, 2023, to reach a guilty verdict on four counts. Stephen Horn was declared guilty of Entering or Remaining in a Restricted Area, Disorderly or Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Area, Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building, and Parading in the Capitol Building.

Many of the 1,000-plus peaceful protesters who have now been convicted were denied access to surveillance videos from the Capitol that day. That wasn’t a problem for Stephen Horn. His Go-Pro camera was running the whole time, and he filmed everything he came across that day. He made a one-hour documentary film about it, which you can watch for free on Rumble.

Stephen Horn’s real crime was embarrassing the Deep State and the Biden regime. Thanks to his investigative journalism, we now know that the events of January 6 were, in fact, a “fed-surrection.” He’s identified multiple undercover police officers and undercover federal agent provocateurs who committed violence and vandalism that day in order to paint all Trump supporters as dangerous insurrectionists.

Horn captured the encounter between the Oath Keepers and US Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn on January 6. Angry protesters were advancing on Officer Dunn and screaming at him. The Oath Keepers moved between Dunn and the protesters to try to de-escalate the situation. Horn’s footage proves that the Oath Keepers were trying to keep the peace. They weren’t committing an insurrection. Yet Oath Keepers founder Stuart Rhodes has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. Horn was never called to testify in any of the Oath Keepers’ trials.

He also uncovered the FBI’s malicious framing of a Trump supporter named Fi Duong. An undercover FBI agent got close to Duong and found that he had a large collection of glass bottles. The agent tried to get Duong to assemble Molotov cocktails to take to the January 6 protest. Duong refused to fall for the feds’ BS, but he was eventually scooped up on terrorism charges related to January 6 anyway. He never made any incendiary devices and didn’t bring weapons of any kind to the peaceful protest.

Horn also documented the vicious attack on Derrick Vargo by a Capitol police officer. The cop shoved Vargo off the staircase outside the Capitol. Vargo was injured so badly that he had to be carried away from the scene by other protesters on a makeshift stretcher. Horn even uncovered the identity of the cop who assaulted Vargo and grievously injured him: Officer Bryant Williams.

Horn’s camera was rolling at the moment when police started throwing flash-bang grenades in the crowd, which injured multiple people and may have contributed to the deaths of protesters Ben Phillips and Kevin Greeson. He covered the breach of the Senate West Wing doors when someone inside the doors signaled to someone off camera to release the magnetic locks and let 300 protesters in.

Horns case is a landmark press freedom case. No other journalist at the Capitol on January 6 has been criminally charged and convicted. Given the fact that Horn is not parroting the Deep State’s narrative like all the others, you can see why he is being sent to prison.