Man on Meth Binge Misuses Assault Ax

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While meth is known to cause people to do crazed and unusual things, picking up an ax to assault someone with it is not on the list of expected reactions. Yet that’s what 27-year-old Felipe Reyes Wright Jr is alleged to have done just outside Earlsboro, OK.

According to the Pottawatomie County deputy’s office, on October 21st, Wright approached Charles Rodgers, who was housesitting next door on a desolate and rural dirt road. While their conversation and other details remain unknown, what is known is an altercation between the two ensued, with Wright smashing Rodgers in the head with an ax. Roughly an hour after committing the crime, Wright called 911 operators to confess to his crimes.

“Something really bad happened. I had some issues going on at home and I dealt with one of the problems. I guess I’m turning myself into the crime I just committed.” Telling dispatch he was heading to the PD, the manhunt was on. “I’ve been trying to stay sober at mom’s house, go to work, stay off dope. I couldn’t do it,” he continued. He claimed that when he had come home, he saw friends smoking meth and couldn’t resist.

He confessed to taking Rodgers’ car and abandoned it along I-40 and told them he was proceeding on foot.

Helping to push his case further, a man who found Rodgers’ body, who claimed to also be Wright’s brother, also called 911 when he discovered the body. “He needs an ambulance quick! He’s moving! He’s moving! He’s breathing! Please hurry!” Telling the dispatch about the wounds, he implicated his brother in the murder rather clearly. “My brother came outside with an axe,” he finished. While EMTs arrived in an attempt to save him, Rodgers was gone by the time they arrived.

While his call to officers was noble, according to court documents, Wright claims he had potential cause for the altercation and subsequent chopping. Investigators say that up until this interaction, the two were total strangers. Yet Wright claims that Rodgers attempted to look through the windows of his mother’s trailer home, but his family claims that isn’t true.

No matter the reasoning behind the attacks, nobody is claiming that this is a problem with assault axes or that we need to have regulations on them. Instead, the commonsense approach of looking at this and simply ascertaining that this is a one-off incident is used. Explaining the lack of moral empathy and righteousness simply through his use of meth, there will be no outcry for change.

Yet had he picked up a pistol, shotgun, or rifle, this would have been a very different story. The left would be grabbing the pitchforks and picket signs to protest about the victim’s rights and to proclaim about how his life was stripped from him. In this case, none of that has happened. Aside from small local news blurbs or as filler at the end of a broadcast, this won’t make mainstream news because it doesn’t push the left’s narrative.

For Rodgers’ family and friends, this is about to turn into a circus, and there is going to be a lot of sleepless nights. All because a neighbor suddenly snaps while under the influence of meth. To hear the Pottawatomie County deputies talk about this case, it doesn’t sound like a massive surprise either, despite them not knowing each other.