Media Circles the Wagons to Protect Another ‘BBC Presenter’ Accused of Pedophilia

Lutsenko_Oleksandr /
Lutsenko_Oleksandr /

Another ‘BBC presenter’—what we would call a TV news anchor in this country—has been accused of sexually exploiting a teenager. The presenter is accused of paying the kid £35,000 for nude photos.

This is not the first child sex scandal at the BBC, and amazingly, the media is once again circling the wagons to protect the criminal, rather than the victim and the community.

This scandal has been ongoing for the past week, and the BBC has amazingly not released the name of the employee who is accused of sexually exploiting a kid over a three-year period. Why don’t we know the suspect’s name?

A British police superintendent says that the matter is being handled “sensitively.” By “sensitively,” they seem to mean by protecting the pedophile, while aggressively prosecuting anyone in the public who speculates on social media about which BBC presenter has been taken off the air.

Hey, do you know what might prevent the public from speculating about who the accused pedophile is? Releasing his name! It’s an idea that is just so crazy, it might work.

But that’s never how the media operates in situations like this. If the media wants to identify someone and dox them by publishing their name and home address online, they’re ruthlessly efficient in doing so. They’ve gotten municipal employees fired for donating to Donald Trump, for example.

If some prominent person offers even the slightest hint that they might be a Christian, the media will smear and destroy them so fast that it makes your head spin. They don’t do that with media members, celebrities, business tycoons or politicians who are accused of messing around with kids, however.

When it’s one of their own, the media circles the wagons and goes into full protection mode. Gee, do you wonder why that is?