Mexico Joining Biden in Rolling Out the Red Carpet for “Migrants”

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For years now as the migrant caravan crossed Mexico, we heard the stories. People were being offered citizenship, asylum, money, jobs, and other things to stay. Some of the small towns these migrants frequently crossed through wanted them to stay. They needed people who were familiar with the native tongues of these migrants and who respected the Mexican culture. Yet they wouldn’t stay. They wanted the sweet taste of freedom that only the US can offer. The dreams of wealth they had heard about needed to happen.

Yet, now we know little to none of that has been true since President Biden announced Title 42 was coming to an end. Instead, the Mexican government has been joining him to welcome all of them into the US.

Now the latest caravan has a direct pathway being carved out for them by Mexican authorities as they make their way towards the border. Calling themselves the Poverty Exodus (Exodo de la Pobreza), they set off from Tapachula, Chiapas, on Christmas Eve. As they made their way North they have been cheering and singing along with onlookers. At times they have marched with a banner for their caravan as well as a large white cross. Talking with onlookers and supporters, they explained that they were heading to the US for one reason- money.

Speaking with Mexican paper El Pais the group detailed that they expect to stay in the US for 5-7 years then return. They are also demanding Biden provide them assistance in making the journey and settling here.

Given the fact that asylum hearings are nearly a decade out, they sound like they anticipate coming here and leeching off the American people. All while living in inhumane conditions like 20 people to a 2-bed apartment and sending the money back home. Finally, they’ll get their hearing and end up being part of the 87% who would have been rejected for asylum anyway.

While it doesn’t look impressive on the map, by December 27th, the group had reached the town of Mapastepec, Chiapas, about 60 miles (100 km) northwest of the Mexico-Guatemala border. A shelter was provided for them for the night before they made their way again in the morning. Already throughout the journey they have had help from the Mexican National Guard, with their members providing traffic control for them to march in the streets.

Intel provided to Breitbart Texas by Mexico’s National Migration Institute indicated that these Guard troops were being ordered to secure their safe passage. Orders also seemed to indicate officials were able to ensure the cartels would stay out of it until they reached Mexico City. Once there, the caravan would allegedly disband, and they would then take their preferred methods of transportation.

For these illegals, Mexico City is like Grand Central Station is to New York City. It serves as a hub for them to get their transportation to the next waypoint towards the US. The CBP One app is set to be operated from Mexico City, thus allowing them to get registered for showing up to claim asylum and schedule appointments.

At this juncture, the Mexican government is proving to provide no resistance to the flow of illegal immigration. If anything, they are helping to encourage the flow’s increase and more of the illegals to cross through.

In Mexico, much like with Biden, it all comes down to dollars and cents.

The illegals and or their families pay the cartels in one form or another. From sex to money, to drug smuggling services, to indentured servitude once they arrive in the US. No matter what, people are paying up to the cartels in one way or another. Local leaders get their kickbacks to look the other way. Much like the tribal lawlessness that was in Afghanistan, nobody will oppose them, for if they do, they die. There is little other choice.

Mexico has no reason to pull back the red carpet. Elected officials are being taken care of far too well to let that stop. Much the same, Biden keeps getting campaign donations and creating more liberal voters by playing soft with the illegals. Until we make a real stand against both sides of the fight, we are in an uphill battle.