Patriotic Reporter Brutally Arrested as Communist Canada Swirls the Drain

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Veteran journalist David Menzies was brutally arrested by the Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RMCP) for asking questions of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on a public sidewalk. It’s just one more example of the people in power in Western governments turning against their own people and against the freedoms that made Western civilization possible.

Menzies tried to ask Freeland questions right after a memorial for the victims of Flight PS752. That flight was shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Iran four years ago and killed 52 Canadians, including an unborn baby. The Trudeau regime still refuses to designate the IRGC as a terrorist group, which is what Menzies was asking questions about.

The photographer with Menzies was recording the exchange when an RMCP officer ran up behind Menzies and bumped him from behind. The fascist pig cop then grabs Menzies and slams him into a wall, claiming that Menzies had assaulted him. A group of multiple police officers violently handcuffed Menzies, who is an old man, while telling him to “Stop resisting!”

Rebel News is one of the only news outlets remaining in Canada that is not state-funded propaganda. They are the only media outlet that truthfully reported on the trucker protests in Canada, on Justin Trudeau’s brutal COVID lockdowns, and other uncomfortable stories that the communist dictatorship doesn’t want the people to know about.

The double standard is glaringly obvious to most. As one user on Twitter noted, “Palestinian protesters can block roads, harass Christmas shoppers, and threaten elderly white people skating at Toronto City Hall. No arrests. Only white people are arrested for daring to question authority.”

You can watch the video of what happened below. What do you think? Did David Menzies “assault” that police officer, or is the truth the exact opposite of that?