RFK Jr. Looks More and More Likely to Defeat Biden

Renato Murolo 68 / shutterstock.com
Renato Murolo 68 / shutterstock.com

Democratic President Joe Biden is still considered to be a party favorite. But as the contest that is the 2024 presidential election and its primaries draw closer, it seems another Democrat just might have a bit of an edge on Old Joe.

As you’ve likely heard, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running to oppose Biden for their party’s nomination. And according to a number of things, he just might achieve that goal.

For starters, he’s polling surprisingly well against the supposed beloved president. According to a survey by The Economist/YouGov, he’s actually the highest-ranked candidate in terms of favorability of any name in the running thus far.

He earned a whopping 49 percent approval rating, Biden earned 45 percent, and GOP candidate and former President Donald Trump made 43 percent.

There is also the not-so-small matter that the first two Democratic primaries may, by default, go to Kennedy.

If you remember, Biden and his party decided to change things up a bit this year, making South Carolina the first state to hold their primary. Naturally, this is a reward for the state boosting Biden’s campaign in 2020, when the three states primarying before failed to show Biden much support.

But those states who used to come first are none too pleased about the change.

New Hampshire has been the first state to primary for about a century. Similarly, Iowa has been the first caucus state.

And neither are pleased that they’ve now been booted to second and third place – and all because of race.

Both are, in fact, so displeased that they are planning to run their primaries as usual and before that of South Carolina’s. Now, it might mean that their delegates might not count, but it would also mean that Biden wouldn’t likely be on the ballot at all. Hence, a default Kennedy win.

Losing those two states doesn’t mean Biden can’t win the nomination, but it will make it that much harder. And with a candidate already polling better than him, the chances are not looking good.