Rolling Stone Forced to Issue Correction for Calling Neo-Nazis DeSantis Supporters

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A group of supposed “Neo-Nazis” began demonstrating on a bridge in Florida a few days ago. It was an obvious election season stunt, and the hot sidewalk garbage that we used to call “the media” instantly jumped on it. Rolling Stone—which used to be a real magazine back in the 1990s—was quick to take a quote from the Lincoln Project’s actors out of context in order to smear Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer drove down to record the “protesters” in person. They immediately started yelling racial slurs at the Jewish reporter, with at least one proclaiming that she’d be going “in the oven” soon.

One of the alleged Neo-Nazis screamed, “We’re all DeSantis supporters!” at Loomer. That was the portion of the quote that Rolling Stone took out of context.

The full quote, in context, was actually:

“We’re all DeSantis supporters! F**k Ron DeSantis! Ron DeSantis is a joke. Ron DeSantis is a joke.”

A reporter from a liberal outlet tried to get the Neo Nazis to declare support for Donald Trump, but that backfired too. “We support Joe Biden,” declared the group’s leader. “He sends missiles to Ukraine!”

Whoops. That didn’t work out at all the way that the media planned. It speaks to the ignorance of modern reporters that many of them don’t even know that Nazis were “national socialists,” otherwise known as “Democrats.”

Rolling Stone quickly got ratioed online for trying to portray the pack of Democrats in matching outfits as “DeSantis supporters.” They grudgingly issued a correction to the story finally, admitting that they had left the second part of the Neo Nazi’s comments out of their reporting. Expect more of these fake false flags organized by the Democrats between now and this time next year. After all, they’ve got an election to steal!