Shock Poll: Even a Monkey Clapping Its Hands Could Beat Joe Biden in 2024

TeddyandMia /
TeddyandMia /

Joe Biden has done such a poor job of mismanaging the country that virtually every Republican running in the 2024 primary would beat him in a hypothetical matchup if the election were today. That’s not according to some internal polling among Republicans. It’s according to the latest polling from CNN/YouGov. Biden and his “Bidenomics” plan are doing such a terrible job that vulnerable Democrats are now distancing themselves from him.

To put things into perspective, Joe Biden has done such a terrible job that Democrats are worried they won’t be able to rig the 2024 election. This is what all the indictments of President Donald Trump are about. The Democrats know they cannot beat the incredible groundswell of support for Trump via fake ballots.

Sen. John Tester (D-MT) is in a tough reelection battle for next year, and he openly admits that he is distancing himself from the train wreck that is Joe Biden. Tester says that Democrats have “got to be concerned about those poll numbers, you just do.”

He adds, “There’s plenty of time to get them back up. Whether he can or not, I just don’t know but you got to be concerned.”

Joe Biden’s approval rating has been in the toilet for more than a year now. His average approval rating is hovering between 40 and 42 percent, depending on which poll you look at. Historically, any president with an average approval rating below 48% has lost his reelection bid. The only exception to this was Donald Trump in 2020 (49%), but as mentioned, that was a fake and stolen election, so it doesn’t count.

Vulnerable Democrats in the House and Senate are pulling away from Biden’s messaging as they try to get reelected next year. They are especially wary of associating themselves with “Bidenomics,” which is crippling the household budgets of virtually every family right now.  Congresswoman Susan Wild (D-PA) admits that the term “Bidenomics” is toxic poison with American voters right now.

“If you use the term, ‘Bidenomics,’ but somebody can’t afford their groceries, then they’re like, ‘Yeah, Bidenomics isn’t working for me,’” she told the Washington Post.

Rep. Gabe Vasquez (D-NM) agreed, adding, “I’m not going to go into my district pushing a Democratic agenda that people don’t feel is happening on the ground.”

Here’s a look at how Joe Biden stacks up against every Republican running for the primary in the latest CNN/YouGov polling:

Trump 47%
Biden 46%

DeSantis 47%
Biden 47%

Haley 49%
Biden 43%

Pence 46%
Biden 44%

Scott 46%
Biden 44%

Biden 46%
Ramaswamy 45%

Christie 44%
Biden 42%

CNN/YouGov’s polls are always heavily weighted towards Democrats and Independents. When Chris Christie is beating you in a hypothetical matchup for anything other than a donut-eating contest, you’ve got problems. Right now, the only potential person that Biden could defeat in a hypothetical matchup is Vivek Ramaswamy, who might not even be old enough for his driver’s license yet. His campaign seems like a prank, and he’s only a point behind Joe Biden.

It’s not your imagination. You are poorer because of Joe Biden’s job performance. Every American household has lost 14% of its wealth since Joe Biden was installed after an election that he did not win. The cost of everything has gone up against your wages. Inflation was near zero during Donald Trump’s last year in office, while everyone’s wages were going up. The opposite is happening now, and it is entirely Joe Biden’s fault.

The price of gas has hit $5.50 a gallon in some states once again, so inflation is going to continue climbing. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve completely, so he can’t rely on that to artificially deflate gas prices in time for the election (as he did in 2022). Get ready for a bumpy ride.