Ukraine Complaining the Free Meal Isn’t Coming Fast Enough

Alexey Fedorenko /
Alexey Fedorenko /

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov isn’t happy that the globe isn’t tripping over itself to hand Ukraine billions of dollars in money, weapons, and supplies as its conflict with Russia enters its second year. On a call to those paying their way, he said, “At the moment, commitment does not constitute delivery. Fifty percent of commitments are not delivered on time… We do everything possible and impossible but without timely supply it harms us.”

The US currently has a $95.3 billion foreign aid package on ice in the House of Representatives. Roadblocked by GOP reps who want to ensure we also get significant help at the southern border, they aren’t willing to move without it. As President Biden is refusing to meet with GOP reps to streamline relief for the border, he and he alone is responsible for his money laundering projects being held up.

Other nations who aren’t paying up for Ukraine, like the US, have gotten rather vocal about the delay. In their minds, the US is already committed to the effort and needs to step up, even without commitments, or follow through on its own. Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) recently got gruff at an international security conference in Munich, Germany. Focused on the most recent $60 billion for Ukraine, Vance was forced to tell the delegation that the money wouldn’t move the needle for the situation on the ground, no matter when they got it.

Complaints like this show the urgency being put forth by Ukraine to end the conflict before Biden loses the election in November. Knowing full well the Trump administration means the derailing of their gravy train, leaders from Ukraine want to milk the US and other “donors” for as much as they can in the meantime.