Video: Joe Biden’s Body Double Spotted Leaving Event

Chris Allan /
Chris Allan /

Will the real “Joe Biden” please stand up? Last week, the clearest video evidence we have yet emerged of one of Joe Biden’s body doubles sauntering through a back parking lot with no Secret Service protection anywhere near him. When someone filming the incident yells at the man whether he’s a Biden body double, he sarcastically throws his hands up in the air. It’s clearly not Joe Biden.

We’ve known from the early days of 2021 that this regime is faking people out about Joe Biden’s mental acuity. They made a fake set that looked like the White House across the street, where they recorded many of his fake videos with no media present in the room. This allows them to film as many “takes” as necessary without the public realizing what a dementia potato he is.

There have also been tons of amateurish green-screen mistakes in many of the videos of Biden. The top of his head glitches out because he’s not really in the location where they claim he is. We’ve also seen video of Biden’s hands vanishing through reporters’ microphones. Again—that’s just cheap green-screen work, which is not much different from what your local weatherman does in the TV studio.

Now we have what looks like definitive proof that they’re using body doubles to spoof the public. When you watch the video, you’ll quickly notice that this man doesn’t walk anything like Joe Biden. He has a completely different gait. He walks like a confident man who knows where he’s going, and he’s determined to get there.

Biden doesn’t walk like that. He can’t even manage stairs any longer. They make him climb the shorter flight of stairs at the back of Air Force One these days because he can’t handle the taller staircase without falling down.

What do you think? Is the man in this video Joe Biden, or is it a body double? Notice that all the security moves away from this guy as if they could care less who he is.