American Medical Assn. Wants Taxpayers to Pony up $300K for Uterus Transplants in Men

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The American Medical Association (AMA) used to be a respected entity that seemed to care about topics that would improve public health. Not anymore! Today, the AMA is an organization that plays make-believe every day, much like a toddler dressing up in their parents’ clothes in front of the mirror. According to the AMA, tampons belong in the boys’ bathroom at your children’s school, and men with penises can become the NCAA women’s swimming champion. In one of their most absurd “medical” declarations ever, the AMA now says that taxpayers should now foot the bill for $300,000 in uterus transplants in men.

In an article published in the June edition of the AMA’s Journal of Ethics, doctors argue that mentally ill people who are CLEARLY BIOLOGICAL MEN may suffer from “psychological dissonance” due to their inability to have babies like nearly every biological woman who has ever been born.

This is obviously your fault, America! Your bigotry and support for Donald Trump prevent dudes who happen to be transgender from having babies.

In order to punish you for your bigotry that you are clearly guilty of, the AMA argues that you must pony up $300,000 for every one of these dudes to receive a uterus transplant. That way, the AMA argues, dudes will be able to have babies, which will make them feel better.

This is getting beyond crazy. There’s no evidence whatsoever that a man who gets a uterus transplant will be able to carry a baby to term. Never mind the fact that a woman’s egg will need to be fertilized in a petri dish, and then a doctor will have to do something unspeakable with a turkey baster to get one of these mentally ill men “pregnant” in the first place.

When the societal backlash against this insanity finally kicks in, the LGBT community may actually come too long for the tender mercies of the Taliban.