Black Democrats Sue Chicago Over Sanctuary Status, Threaten to Support Trump

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A group of black Democrats have filed suit against the City of Chicago and Mayor Brandon Johnson. They’re claiming damages based on harm caused to them by the city’s sanctuary policies. The suit argues that Chicago is showing preferential treatment to illegal aliens while shoving the American people aside. One activist says she now has “buyer’s remorse” after voting for Mayor Johnson in the last election. They’re also threatening to support Donald Trump in the next election because they know he will show preferential treatment to the people in this country who deserve it—the American people.

“I feel like a fool right now,” says activist Cata Truss, who admits she voted for Mayor Johnson. “You can slap us in the face by ignoring us today, but we are punching you in the face by ignoring you at the polling places tomorrow.”

“There’s a humanitarian crisis in the black community,” Truss continued. “But every time we have a need in our community, we’re told that there are no funds. There’s no money for us.”

Approximately 40,000 illegal aliens (that they know of) have flooded the city of Chicago since last August. The influx has filled up the city’s homeless shelters past capacity. The overflow of illegals are sleeping on the floor in local airports and police precincts. Yet the city government in Chicago and the State of Illinois suddenly found $640 million that they were going to spend on coddling and caring for the invaders. At the same time, local Chicagoans are struggling to make ends meet in Joe Biden’s disastrous economy.

Another activist who filed the suit, Mark Carter, says the Democrat Party is actively trying to reject black voters—and it’s working.

“We see that the Democratic Party has decided to do away with us, and so we [are] fine with that,” said Carter. “And so we’re going to do away with them.”

Americans have been told for years that the Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory, even as the Democrat Party gloats that they are replacing white people with foreign invaders. Some estimates claim that whites will become a minority in America by 2050, although that seems farfetched at this point. Whites still make up 71% of the population as of 2020, which amounts to 236 million people.

The black community is finally starting to wake up to the fact that they are being replaced as well. There are 41 million blacks in America, and they are already being dwarfed by the current invasion and all the previous years of legal and illegal immigration. More than 25% of Mexico’s population has moved here over the past 30 years. The political power of blacks is being swamped, and they’re watching it happen in real time.

It’s even more obvious in Chicago, however, as their own mayor and city council shove them aside in order to roll out the red carpet for foreigners. Where did all the money suddenly come from that is being spent on the illegals? Why didn’t Chicago’s leaders ever put this much effort into helping their own citizens?

There are 68,000 homeless Americans in the Chicago metro area, and a large percentage of them are black. Chicago’s city government has been notoriously bad at getting these people help and getting them off the streets. Yet they suddenly come up with $640 million for the illegal aliens?

While the city government in Chicago certainly deserves a lot of the blame for how they’re handling this, the real villain in this story is still Joe Biden. He’s the one who caused this problem for America and the one who most deserves to lose his job over it.