Hunter Biden Wikipedia Pages “Stealth” Edited by PR Firms 

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It seems that the Biden coverups never end, even for allegedly factual pages found on Wikipedia. Numerous emails and communications have been uncovered on the now infamous Hunter laptop, each outlining massive edits to Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia pages, along with Burisma’s. 

The edits took place from 2014 through early 2015. Many pieces of Hunter’s Wikipedia page were edited to remove potentially damaging information regarding his ties to Burisma. Throughout this time, Hunter hired several PR firms to handle his perceived online reputation, including FTI Consulting and, along with search engine optimization firm Sunshine Sachs. 

Sunshine Sachs provided SEO services to ensure that search engines would only find positive content when they “Googled” Hunter Biden. They proposed an overhaul to Hunter’s Wikipedia page to make sure his media was “optimized appropriately.” It’s a common practice and, by itself, would not have sounded any alarms. 

But SEO was only part of the overhaul strategy for Hunter’s Wikipedia page. PR firms provided massive edits to the pages, including enhancing his relationship with brother Beau, dedicating a section to Hunter’s work with the World Food Programme, and removing all criticism and details relating to his ties with Burisma. 

A new page was created for Burisma Holdings, while an entire section involving the company was removed from Hunter’s page.  

The edits were made from phony accounts. According to the archives, Burisma’s deletions were made by an anonymous German-based Wikipedia user. Another fake account, AmeliaChevalier, edited the page to remove links and ties to convicted Ponzi scheme organizer Allen Stanford.  

Hunter’s edits included removing parts of his affiliation with the National Democratic Institute and adding a section devoted to his “personal philosophy that is rooted in service to others.” 

All edits occurred rapidly over the course of several weeks. 

The edits appear to be a targeted effort to pre-emptively protect Hunter Biden’s questionable ties with foreign entities and boost his public image. It also helped keep then-vice-president Joe Biden’s image squeaky clean. 

Wikipedia edits are not unusual and are routinely done to improve the public’s perception of the pageholder. But seldom are they done with such gusto and disregard for the truth. 

Wikipedia pages are written and edited by volunteers from around the world. Anyone with internet access and the willingness to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines can contribute to editing or creating articles. The content on Wikipedia is collectively generated and maintained by individuals with varying levels of expertise on different subjects. 

Wikipedia’s collaborative editing process allows registered and even some unregistered users to make changes to articles. While anyone can edit Wikipedia, there are certain guidelines and policies in place to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information.  

At no point would editing pieces of content solely to remove potentially damaging information fall under these guidelines. Unless, of course, you’re a Biden and conform to the leftist ideology spouted and supported by the biased company. 

In 2023, Wikipedia devoted an entire page to “LGBTQ Grooming Conspiracy Theory,” tying conservative disapproval of gender indoctrination to “right-wing conspiracy theories.” 

Wikipedia also greenlit more than 116 edits to the recession page to hide the Biden administration’s economic failures. 

In 2020, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger rebuked the company for turning into a leftist mouthpiece. Shortly after, in 2021, he accused Wikipedia of deliberately withholding negative and damaging information about President Biden. “The Biden article, if you look at it, has very little by way of the concerns that Republicans have had about him,” Sanger observed. 

Under normal circumstances, a businessman hiring a PR company to boost his public appeal and “tweak” his Wikipedia pages wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. But there is nothing normal about Hunter Biden, and the sheer amount of editing his PR firms did to remove any hint of Burisma ties and potential scandals indicates that Hunter already knew he could be facing trouble from his business dealings in the future. 

Thank you once again, Hunter Biden laptop, for revealing still more details into a life of corruption, scandal, and ultimate coverups. It’s a gift that keeps on giving month after month, even if the left wants to cancel their subscription.