Joe Biden Blames the Media for His Terrible Economy

Paul Froggatt /
Paul Froggatt /

If you have a grandparent in their 90s who is still living, he or she may have memories of a time when the American economy was in worse shape than right now. Anyone younger than that, however, has no memory of the economy ever limping along as badly as it is under Joe Biden. The infuriating thing is that Biden keeps trying to gaslight everyone about how great the economy is. He’s now blaming a new culprit for the reason why Americans think the economy is in terrible shape: It’s the media’s fault!

The American economy has never been in better shape than right now, according to Joe Biden. You just don’t realize it because the liberal media bootlickers, who worship at the altar of the Democrat Party, refuse to report about how great the economy is.

The media is tricking you into thinking this economy is terrible. Because they have it in for Joe Biden. If only the mainstream media would finally cut Joe Biden some slack, we’d all see what a paradise we’re living in! You should be grateful for those three part-time jobs with no benefits that you’re working just to afford chicken (not beef) for your family once a week.

The fact is that two-thirds of Americans are now living paycheck-to-paycheck. Mortgage rates haven’t been this high in decades. With interest rates at 8% on a 30-year fixed mortgage, it takes $1 million to pay for a $400,000 house. That’s not a healthy economy. Younger couples can’t afford to buy a home in most states in order to start their lives.

And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault, no matter who he blames for this terrible economy. Watch as Joe Biden throws the media under the bus in his usual stammering way in this clip: