KJP Forced to Cut Biden Off After Insulting Vietnamese and More

Gary Varvel / Creators.com
Gary Varvel / Creators.com

By now, we all know President Joe Biden is quite gaffe-prone. While those blunders may have started as simple mistakes and might have even been laughable, now they are proof of a much larger and more serious issue.

Take Biden’s recent comments while speaking in Hanoi, Vietnam, for example.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden gave a press conference while in Hanoi on Sunday. Like most of his pressers, there were more than a few mishaps. But this one was so bad that Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, eventually had to step in and announce the whole thing over, cutting Biden off and sending him off stage.

Yes, that’s right, KJP had to actually cut Biden off and start playing music to detract from the absurdity of the United States President…

Of course, the presser didn’t exactly start much better.

As usual, Biden attempted to begin with a joke. But as is typical of him, neither the delivery nor the punch line was adequate. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the “joke” could have been taken as an insult to the Vietnamese people.

Biden said this, rather haltingly: “Well, you know, there is that – one of my staff members said, ‘Remember the famous song, you know, ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’?’ Well, good evening, Vietnam. And good morning back in America.”

Yes, it was that bad. And not at all a joke…

Then, there was the disastrous moment when he admitted that his staff had given a list of five reporters’ names to call on, and only those five.

And, of course, his answers to those five questions went about as well as usual – chocked full of babbling, rambling, near incoherent words. There were also more failed attempts at jokes and, of course, the familiar homespun story that barely made sense, let alone was appropriate.

It all ended when, at the end of another halting response, Biden said, “But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bed.”

He spoke practically inaudibly for another moment before KJP couldn’t take it anymore and stepped in to announce the end of the press conference, and jazz music began playing. Biden clearly had no idea what was happening and seemed to still be talking in his now shut-off mic before being escorted off the stage with a confused look.

And that is the President of the United States… As I said, it’s not a good look.