NYC Man Put Under 24-7 Surveillance for Complaining about Illegal Aliens in His City

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A Staten Island man has been placed under 24-hour surveillance by the NYPD for complaining about all the illegal aliens that New York Mayor Eric Adams has dumped in his neighborhood. Scott Herkert says the city is more concerned with keeping an eye on New Yorkers than on the 400 illegal aliens that have been moved in nearby. The 53-year-old is now under constant surveillance by his own government simply because he spoke out against the city’s actions.

There is a former school next door to Herkert’s home called St. John Villa Academy, where Eric Adams is housing some of the illegal aliens that Joe Biden invited into the country. On Tuesday, city workers showed up and set up surveillance cameras around Herkert’s house—keeping an eye on him, rather than the potential terrorists and child molesters being housed at the school.

“I’m in a fishbowl,” says Herkert. “I don’t recognize my country anymore. They’re doing things in secret, and now I’m the one under a microscope for standing up for what I worked hard for.”

“I’m a prisoner in my own neighborhood now,” he added.

Herkert has erected a giant flag in his neighborhood that says, “No F%*kin Way!” in response to the way New Yorkers are being treated. More than 400 residents of the neighborhood surrounded the school housing the illegals this week to protest their presence. It’s unknown exactly how many illegals are in the school.

More than 100,000 illegals have showed up in New York this year, with 56,000 of them currently acting as cradle-to-grave welfare leeches in New York City. Mayor Adams has been stuffing them in temporary shelters as fast as his aides can think of locations. They’re in luxury hotels, a pop-up tent city on Randall’s Island, and empty buildings like St. John Villa.

After homeowners protested the illegals at St. John Villa, the city cracked down on… the homeowners. Police have blocked off traffic on Landis Avenue and Hastings Street, so residents who live there have to take alternate routes and not come too close to the school. Cameras were installed around the homes of Herkert and other residents. Herkert says he’s owned his home in the neighborhood for 22 years, and life on his block has now become a living hell.

As if things weren’t annoying enough already, the city installed massive generators next to Herkert’s fence to provide power to the illegal aliens. They also set up outdoor showers in view of his home. Herkert says he’s having trouble focusing on what people are saying to him due to lack of sleep, from the generators and the city dropping off migrants at all hours of the night.

“I got to hear this now?” Herkert asked reporters. “This noise all the time now?! My yard is unusable, and my house is unsellable!”

Yeah, but just imagine how happy the illegal aliens are now that they have a safe place to poop next to your house, Mr. Herkert. Diversity is our strength!

The neighborhood may not have to worry about it much longer, though. New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams are working on a plan to quietly bus the illegal aliens to upstate New York, so that counties that voted for Donald Trump will have to worry about the problem and not them. It’s all so cynical. The Democrat Party’s leaders invite these illegals in, with the only expectation being that they will flood red congressional districts with communist invaders. It’s not as much fun when they show up in your own back yard, though.