Of Course, Hunter and Wife Are Bad Tenants…

Bondar Illia / shutterstock.com
Bondar Illia / shutterstock.com

There’s a lot that can be said of first son Hunter Biden. And now, it would seem that ‘bad tenant’ is being added to the list.

Of course, this shouldn’t be much of a shock to any of you. I mean, this is the same guy who got kicked out of the Navy for drug use, has been arrested multiple times for the same, and has proof on multiple devices of his time spent with prostitutes, even in more recent years.

Basically, he’s the spoiled heir apparent to the royal family, and his entire life is proof of it.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when the UK Daily Mail recently reported that Hunter might also have been a bad tenant when living in Venice Beach, California.

According to the British publication, Biden, with his wife and then-toddler son, Beau, rented a spacious waterfront property in Venice Beach for about six months beginning in February of 2021.

As sources told the paper, “Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants. Not only did they stiff the owner for months of rent, they left the house in terrible condition.”

Additionally, it was noted that Melissa was “rude and entitled.” The couple also destroyed the home’s expensive stereo system and then were supposedly “uncooperative” when workers came to fix it.

“They also left the place dirty.”

Now, to be clear, none of the Daily Mail’s sources were named, so take what you will from that.

However, I think by now, it’s no stretch to imagine that the same guy who had an affair with a stripper and is now denying acknowledgment of his child with her would also be one to trash a house and not pay for his rent.

Of course, that rent was $25,000 a month. But for the son of the president and thriving drug addict, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Oh, wait, he’s a starving artist now…

And a man who should never be trusted with anyone’s property.