San Fran Officials Don’t Like This Twitter HQ Addition

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If you haven’t noticed, Elon Musk has officially rebranded Twitter. And San Francisco is apparently not very happy about it.

Musk’s move towards an “everything app” took the next step forward on Friday when Twitter officially became “X.” Naturally, a name change like this requires all sorts of new signs and logos to be created, especially at the company’s headquarters.

And so, on Friday night, the new “X” logo lit up the San Francisco night sky, with many referring to the new signage as a “Batman signal.”

But it would seem that city officials in the City on the Bay aren’t amused with the change. In fact, they’re doing a great deal to ensure the new signage isn’t permanent.

According to the Associated Press, city officials launched a formal complaint on Friday, prompting an investigation. Why?

Apparently, changing even the slightest thing on a sign or symbol on a building requires a permit for both design and safety…

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that this is how the city is responding. Earlier in the week, when the iconic blue bird and Twitter logo were removed from the building, NBC News reported that police had been called to stop the whole process. According to officials, workers weren’t using proper safety measures to protect pedestrians on the sidewalk below.

And a spokesman from the Department of Building Inspection, Patrick Hannan, told the AP that a permit was required to keep “consistency with the historic nature of the building” intact.

Since the new sign doesn’t exactly “go with” the building, an investigation has been launched and a complaint filed.

One might think this would convince Musk that perhaps San Francisco should no longer be home to his newly rebranded company.

But Musk says he has no plans of leaving. While hundreds of others have already abandoned the city for greener pastures, Musk remains committed to her.

Like Bruce Wayne, he’s not giving up on Gotham yet.