Scientific Study Proves Mass Migration Causes Huge Spike in Rapes

Ververidis Vasilis /
Ververidis Vasilis /

Remember when the media was lecturing us every single day that we have to “follow the science” when it comes to COVID-19 and those toxic shots that they called “vaccines?” They never actually followed the science. They just wanted everyone to follow what the authorities said. Here’s some more science that the open-borders, neo-liberal, globalists will want you to not know about. A study in France has shown that mass migration causes a huge spike in rapes.

The study was published in the journal The Lancet and its title is, “Incidence of sexual violence among recently arrived asylum-seeking women in France: a retrospective cohort study,” if you want to look it up for yourself. The study followed up with 273 illegal alien women a year after they snuck into France without permission.

The researchers from Marseille University found that 84 of the women had experienced sexual violence of some kind over the past year after arriving in France—a rate of about 30%. Sexual violence was defined as anything from unwanted sexual touching to full-on rape.

That rate is actually low compared to the sexual violence rates against women and children coming across the southern border thanks to Joe Biden. Studies here in the US show that the rate of rape is 50%. But still, a 30% rate among illegal alien women in France is a lot.

The French study’s main weakness is that it doesn’t highlight two things in particular. First, it doesn’t note who is committing the sexual violence. It’s obviously the hordes of single, fight-aged male warriors who are migrating with the vulnerable women in these caravans. Second, the study does not examine the rate of women and girls being raped by the illegal aliens.

Those numbers, both in France and the US, would likely shock the public to the core if anyone ever releases them. The lesson should be clear, however. Mass migration causes massive spikes in rape and sexual violence. Therefore… why are we allowing this into our countries?