Thanksgiving Will Cost 25% More Under Biden Than Trump

Brent Hofacker /
Brent Hofacker /

It’s that time of year again: time to discuss what it costs to feed your family during the holidays. And thanks to Bidenomics, your Thanksgiving dinner will be the second most expensive on record.

According to the country’s leading agricultural advocacy group, the American Farm Bureau Federation, Turkey Day in 2023 will cost the average US citizen a full 25 percent more than it did in 2019, which is the last year Donald Trump was president. We weren’t in the midst of a pandemic.

More specifically, it will cost $61.17 to feed ten people on Thanksgiving this year.

As the AFBF points out, this “reflects historically high cost.” In fact, one other year in all of history was more expensive. Not so coincidentally, it also happened to take place under the leadership of our current and not-so-able-minded Democratic President, Joe Biden.

It was last year, or 2022.

As the AFBF noted last year, it cost an average of $65.05 to feed 10 for Thanksgiving. So this year, it’s about 4.5 percent less, but that’s not really a whole lot.

It was noted that while food prices overall are slightly down from last year, it is the main dish – the turkey – that has driven the price down this year.

Per the advocacy group, a 16-pound turkey costs, on average, $27.35 this year. This is down about 5.6 percent from last year, according to CNBC.

Of course, this is nothing compared to what it was just a few short years ago when Trump was at the helm and the economy was booming. In 2019, the same size bird only cost most people around $20.80, according to Forbes.

Regardless of what this proves for your Biden/Trump comparisons, it also demonstrates something else.

As the AFBF says, “Despite challenges with inflation and the rising cost of food, farmers and ranchers are working hard each day to provide America with a safe and affordable food supply… So, this Thanksgiving, as you gather around the table with friends and family, let’s also give thanks to the hard work of farmers and ranchers in providing our food and the national security and well-being that go with it.”