VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin Sneaks Off to the Hamptons to Meet with RINO Mega-Donors about 2024

In a totally-not-surprising move, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin snuck away from his home state this past weekend for a secret meeting with Republican-In-Name-Only mega-donors in the Hamptons on Long Island. Given how badly Ron DeSantis 2024 is tanking, it’s no wonder that the billionaires funding that doomed campaign are suddenly ready to spend their money elsewhere. Rumors have been swirling for the past three weeks that either Youngkin or Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would be called up if the donor class loses faith in DeSantis.

Youngkin wasn’t sightseeing on Long Island over the weekend. He went to a private dinner at the home of Wilbur Ross, who had invited a room full of RINO mega-donors to meet with Youngkin. Someone in the room said that the attendees—a who’s who of country club Republicans who turn up their noses at the average MAGA voter—were very impressed by Youngkin, who is a former hedge fund manager.

The stunning collapse of the DeSantis campaign obviously has the elites hitting the panic button. Several billionaires who were backing DeSantis have now made trips to South Carolina to see if they should switch their support to Sen. Tim Scott.

Many political pundits have remarked that they have never seen a campaign flame out as badly as the DeSantis 2024 one. In his most recent financial filings, the campaign only listed 22 donors in Iowa. Not exactly a grassroots effort. The campaign has been plagued with shakeups. The release of the Never Back Down super PAC’s 2022 Christmas party video with DeSantis campaign members lighting strippers’ butt cheeks on fire didn’t exactly do the Florida governor any favors, either.

What do you think? Will Glenn Youngkin succumb to the siren song of that sweet, sweet billionaire cash and destroy his political career by challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination? Or will he show more foresight than Ron DeSantis did?