WOW: DOJ Liars Finally Admit in 2024 That Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real

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zimmytws /

The Justice Department has finally admitted in a court filing that all of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop about human trafficking, sex trafficking, narcotics trafficking, and selling out American foreign policy for remarkably cheap amounts was actually true. It only took them four years. Better late than never!

The FBI came into possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop back in December of 2019. When the contents of that laptop became public, American intelligence officials and the media went out of the way to tell us that it had “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.” The FBI knew all along that the laptop was real, and that its contents were valid. They authenticated it in multiple ways.

In June 2020, the FBI went to the Aspen Institute to launch a media misinformation narrative against American voters. They “pre-bunked” the laptop. The media and social media influencers were brought into the conspiracy to claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop—which the FBI definitively knew was his—was actually part of a Russian hack-and-dump operation.

When the New York Post attempted to accurately report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, they were censored across all social media platforms. The FBI, the media, and social media companies colluded to hide the Biden crime family’s sex crimes, drug crimes, and bribes from American voters.

This, of course, was a massive election interference operation. Joe Biden clearly would have lost the 2020 election if Americans had been allowed to learn about the so-called “Laptop from Hell.”

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine has now been completely vindicated by the FBI’s admission that Hunter Biden’s human trafficking laptop is real.

Here’s the much-deserved victory lap that Miranda took last week: