Deep Stater Bill Barr Threatens to Jump Off a Bridge if Trump Wins

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr, who ignored Hunter Biden’s laptop for two years while he was in Donald Trump’s cabinet, says he’ll “jump off that bridge” rather than vote for his former boss. If there’s anything that would persuade Trump supporters to switch their votes in 2024, this is surely it! The arrogance and lack of self-awareness of these Never Trumpers are astonishing, aren’t it? In related news, Chris Christie says he will eat ALL of the donuts if Trump wins the nomination.

Bill Barr is definitely not the worst Attorney General that America has had in recent history. Merrick Garland is going to be a tough act to follow in that category. Barr was definitely one of the most worthless people to hold that title, though.

As Attorney General, Bill Barr had to know that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019, yet he never mentioned it in public. Nor did he launch an investigation into the clear evidence of money laundering, drug trafficking, child molestation, white slavery, or other crimes that were outlined in painstaking detail on the laptop.

By July 2020, the FBI was well aware that Joe and Hunter Biden had allegedly taken a $10 million bribe from Ukraine and distributed it to almost every member of the Biden family. That was the middle of a presidential election, and Bill Barr said nothing about it. He just didn’t think it was important enough to mention to the American voters that one of the two main candidates had been bought and paid for by a foreign power. (But he wants us to listen to him when it comes to voting advice.)

When the 2020 election was clearly stolen from the American voters, smarmy Bill Barr sat there and claimed that he had seen no fraud that could have changed the outcome of the election. To drive home his point, Barr shut down the largest investigation of voter fraud in history in Pennsylvania by telling the US Attorney to “stand down.”

As a reward for his betrayal of the American voters and Donald Trump, Bill Barr was awarded a $1 million advance to write a book that literally no one has read.

“I have made clear that I strongly oppose Trump for the nomination and will not endorse Trump,” Barr told NBC News a few days ago. What a surprise. Trump would still be in office right now if Fatty-Fatty-Two-by-Four had gotten off the couch and done his job as Attorney General of the United States.

The Daily Mail was so excited by Bill Barr’s refusal to endorse Trump that they reached out to all of his former cabinet members to see if they hated him too. Forty of them either refused to comment or flat-out refused to endorse their former boss, proving that it’s extremely difficult to find good help in permanent Washington.

One of the nastiest of Trump’s cabinet members was former Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney.

“I am working hard to make sure that someone else is the nominee,” said Mulvaney. “I think he’s the Republican who is most likely to lose in a general election of all our leading candidates. If anyone can lose to Joe Biden, it would be him.”

That prompted most Americans to wonder, “Wait. Who was Mick Mulvaney again?”

These people are so clueless and out of touch that they don’t realize they are solidifying American voter support for Trump. As if it’s going to finally dissuade us when Bill Barr threatens to jump off a bridge.

“Oh, no! Now we’re convinced that we should vote for Joe Biden!”