George Soros Gobbling up American Radio Stations Before the 2024 Election

Andrei_Diachenko /
Andrei_Diachenko /

In his latest move to meddle in the 2024 election, billionaire nation-destroyer George Soros appears to have seized a controlling interest in the second-largest chain of radio stations in America. If the news is accurate, it means that up to 220 radio stations in the US may soon begin cranking out pro-Biden and anti-Trump propaganda to American listeners.

The company Audacy owns all those stations. In bankruptcy filings this week, the Washington Post reports that Soros Fund Management bought up $400 million of the company’s debt. Soros purchased the debt at a value of about 50 cents on the dollar.

This amounts to 40% of Audacy’s total debt. While that’s not quite a majority stake at the moment, the Post notes that it “could yield effective control of the media giant when it emerges from bankruptcy.”

A Republican source told the Post anonymously that it looks like Soros is making a move to sway public opinion ahead of the election, noting, “This is scary.”

Maybe it is and maybe it’s not scary. Liberal talk radio has been a disastrous failure every time it’s been attempted in America. Radio listeners want to hear the positive, uplifting, and insightful discussion on conservative talk stations. No one wants to listen to liberals whining about capitalism while singing the praises of abortion.

Does anyone even remember Air America from the early 2000s? It was back when guys like former Senator Al “Those B*tches Are Lying” Franken (D-MN) had a show. It was a train wreck and lost money hand-over-fist because the small business owners who pay for radio advertising are predominantly conservatives.

This could actually turn out to be a big misstep on Soros’s part. If radio stations suddenly start bashing Donald Trump on Soros’s orders, Trump supporters will just stop listening.