Polish Border Guards Show How Easy It Is to Keep Illegal Aliens Out

DarSzach / shutterstock.com
DarSzach / shutterstock.com

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the dictator who has been in charge of Belarus since 1994, has begun hurling illegal aliens from the Middle East at Poland’s sovereign borders once again. Lukashenko has been trying to destabilize the European Union by flooding Poland’s borders with illegals since at least 2015. Unlike the next-to-worthless federal government here in America, however, Poland’s government actually cares about its citizens. They sent the invaders packing, which they’ve gotten very good at over the years.

Poland’s Ministry of Defense posted a video of the border guards easily repelling an attempted incursion on Sunday. About 60 illegal aliens believed to be from Iran and Iraq attacked a border checkpoint. They threw rocks at border guards and tossed logs on the razor wire to try to get across it. At least one was shown with wire cutters trying to get up to the fence.

The border guards easily repelled the illegal aliens by dousing them with gallons and gallons of pepper spray. They’ve become well-versed at this tactic since 2015. Lukashenko hurls them at the border by promising them fat welfare checks if they can make it to the border. The Middle Eastern fake refugees try to breach the border, only to be blown back by water cannons or covered in pepper spray, or both. Enjoy sleeping in the woods while you’re covered in pepper spray, guys. Someone should show the videos of this to Alejandro Mayorkas. This is what an actually secure border looks like.

The Ministry of Defense stated, “Defending the inviolability of the border is an obligation, but also the right of every state. We reacted to the actions of the Lukashenko regime inspired by Moscow. Soldiers and service officers defending the Polish border faced and still face a real threat. We are grateful to them for this, and we will continue to support them.”

News reports state that there were 1,077 attempted illegal border crossings in Poland in September. Attempted. None of them actually succeeded.

When Middle Eastern illegal aliens show up in Belarus, Lukashenko tells them that they will receive free passage to Germany—a huge welfare state—if they can just get across Poland’s border. They fall for it every time and try to breach the border, only to be turned back. Poland’s leaders understand that diversity and immigration always destroy the host nation in the end.

Most of Poland’s border with Belarus is now protected by an 18-foot-high wall with surveillance cameras. If they spot a pack of illegal aliens approaching the wall anywhere, they can rapidly respond with troops and water cannons. The portions without a wall are protected by wire fencing and a barrier of razor wire.

Here in America, Biden just lets every invader in. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott sent the National Guard to the border a couple of weeks ago (finally), and they were filmed throwing a ladder over a barricade, so illegal aliens could flood into the country. When the National Guard put out razor wire to stop the illegals, Border Patrol officers cut the wires and let another pack in.

Repelling border invaders doesn’t have to be a big, dramatic event. Douse them with a water cannon. Spray them with pepper spray and tell them to buzz off. Do what Poland does every day. You just need to have the will to send the invaders away for the good of your own country. That’s the big difference between the US and Poland. We don’t have the will to turn them away.

Here’s the video of the latest attempted border incursion in Poland: